Are you looking to get ideas on how to keep your child engaged and active from home? We are here to provide you with ideas and knowledge around promoting a love for sport and fitness in kids.  We value playing confident in a fun and non-competitive environment and are experts in all things sport and fitness for ages 6 months-12 years!  To truly welcome you to the Kido Blog, you can learn more about what we do below!

What to expect

At Kidokinetics, we build children’s confidence through our age relevant kinetics curriculum and a convenient playfully inspiring environment.

welcome to the kido blog

Our focus

Our posts will all revolve around the same goal(s) and mission:

  • Physical Development
    • Basic Skill Development
    • Muscular Strength, Endurance & Power
    • Balance, Flexibility & Agility
    • Coordination
    • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
    • Cardiovascular Endurance
    • Speed, Accuracy, & Reaction Time
  • Cognitive Development
    • Language & communication
    • Problem solving & critical thinking
    • Concentration
  • Social Development
    • social cues, rules & values
    • appreciation towards diverse cultures & beliefs
  • Emotional Development
    • Form and sustain positive relationships
    • Experience, manage & express emotions
    • Explore & engage with the environment
  • Lifestyle Development
    • Nutrition, Kinesiology, Anatomy & Physiology Knowledge
    • Love of fitness
    • Confidence

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Where to see what we do!

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We extend a grateful welcome to the Kido Blog and look forward to sharing our knowledge!