About Us

Fitness and sports programs that change children’s lives. 

KidoKinetics Children's Play Franchise

Engaging Kids with Fun Fitness Programs Since 1996

Kidokinetics has engaged children with our fun, high-energy sports and fitness classes since 1996, introducing physical education to boys and girls of all ages. We are a premier sports, fitness, health, and recreation program provider that comes to your preschool, elementary school, local park, or community center. We bring our elite physical education program, along with all the sports equipment needed, to you!

“My greatest joy is to build children’s confidence and develop their love of physical activity.”

– Terri Braun, Founder

Our Diverse Programs Keep Kids Engaged At Any Level

Count on Kidokinetics to be:

  • Flexible. We come to your site on the day/time of your preference with lesson plans and equipment.
  • Hassle free. You provide the space and leave the rest to us!
  • Affordable. We will accommodate your needs within your budget.

Let’s get moving together!

KidoKinetics | Children's Play Franchise

About Our Founder

Terri Braun is an athlete, leader, teacher, and mother of three. When she began Kidokinetics, many people asked about starting a Kidokinetics in their community. So Terri set out to build a franchise system that would make it possible for others to share in her vision and to bring sports knowledge and fitness skills to children of all ages and abilities. Her programs keep children moving and active and are especially in-demand as schools eliminate recess and cut their P.E. programs, meaning kids have more screen time, at school and at home. The magic of Kidokinetics is that we’ve made sure achieving goals is an exciting experience — one that is so much fun, kids aren’t even aware of the fact that they’re learning.