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Fitness and sports programs that keep babies and toddlers active.



KidoKinetics Children's Play Franchise

Give Babies A Head Startto Physical Fitness

Just as reading to young children helps ensure necessary brain growth and intellectual development, the right kind of physical activity increases babies’ body awareness, coordination, muscle development, and balance.

With you right by their side, our Babykinetics program utilizes bouncy balls, bean bags, cones, soccer balls, footballs, hula hoops, scarves, tunnels, and more!

“My greatest joy is to build children’s confidence and develop their love of physical activity.”

– Terri Braun, Founder

Fun Physical Education And Sports Program For Toddlers

If you are the parent or caregiver of a toddler, you are no stranger to the joy, wonder, growth, and of course, boundless energy that accompanies this stage of their development.

Coordination, concentration, motor skills, cooperation, and confidence are developed and reinforced as children begin to learn how their bodies work and function.

KidoKinetics Children's Play Franchise
KidoKinetics | Children's Play Franchise

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