What’s It Like to Own a Kidokinetics Franchise?

Katie starts her day while her family is still sleeping. She suits up for a quick run with Rex, her Labrador. Fitness has been a passion for her since her days in high school sports. Her love of sports is what led her to Kidokinetics and spurred her into becoming a Kidokinetics Franchise Owner.

A typical day might find her creating training schedules for a new coach, calling a local school to set up a demo class, sending emails to Kidokinetics parents to remind them of next month's sessions, and preparing for a Kidokinetics birthday party event for next week.

Katie loves that her role as a Franchise Owner allows her to work from home. But her day is also filled with opportunities to get out into the community and meet with people in the local schools, religious organizations, and park programs.

Today she will head to a private preschool to teach two physical education classes—a part of her job she loves. As she leaves the school, she makes a quick call to check in with one of her new coaches who is leading a class at a local park.

She's back on the road in time to pick up her kids from school, prepare a snack and check in on their homework before dinner. Tonight she and her husband will attend their oldest's lacrosse game. Not surprisingly, both of her children have inherited her love for sports. They are proud of the fact that Katie owns a business doing what she, and the whole family, loves.


Are You Passionate About Helping Kids Lead Happier, Healthier Lives?

Our Founder, Terri Braun, is an athlete, leader, teacher, and mother of three. When she began Kidokinetics, many people asked about starting a Kidokinetics in their community. So, Terri set out to build a franchise system that would make it possible for others to share in her vision and to bring sports knowledge and fitness skills to children of all ages and abilities. Her programs keep children moving and active and are especially in-demand as schools eliminate recess, cut their P.E. programs, and kids have more screen time, at school and at home. What is magical about Kidokinetics is that we’ve made string to achieve goals an exciting experience—one that is so much fun, kids aren’t even aware of the fact that they’re learning.


Be On a Winning Team.

We want owning a Kidokinetics franchise to be a satisfying and rewarding experience. Our support services are designed to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Does the concept of giving children a good start in life appeal to you? Does the thought of running your own business excite you? If so, a Kidokinetics franchise might be right for you. Should you be accepted as a Kidokinetics franchisee, you will receive our guidance in every aspect of operating your exciting new business.

If you care about kids' health, we're a great fit(ness).

The Kidokinetics Business System provides you with a solid structure for operating and growing your own Kidokinetics franchise. Follow our established methods and procedures and you will be positioned to positively impact the lives of your program participants. Imagine yourself playing an instrumental role in the health, fitness, and personal deployment of today's youth!

Get motivating business coaching.

You and up to two assistants will benefit from instruction in administrative, operational, and sales/marketing areas. A significant portion of your training will involve valuable hands-on experience where you will learn by seeing and by doing. As your first day of business approaches, an experienced trainer from Kidokinetics will be on hand to assist you with a smooth launch.

Have more marketing muscle.

As a Kidokinetics franchisee, you will use our trademarked name and logo, which represent our excellent reputation as established experts in children's fitness. We will also provide you with marketing plans and strategies and professionally produced marketing materials for your use.

Have a winning play book.

You will receive a comprehensive operations manual that contains the heart and soul of the Kidokinetics franchise organization. This outstanding resource provides you with detailed information about our policies, procedures, lesson plans, programs, and more in a well-organized, easy-to-use format.

You'll have a solid game plan.

You can rely on continuing training and support in areas that are critical to your business. These include unit operations and maintenance, customer service techniques, product ordering, suggested pricing guidelines, ideas for classes, administrative procedures, and others. We keep the lines of communication open and only a phone call or email away.

It's a home run.

Kidokinetics was designed to be operated from your home office. You are spared the expensive overhead of renting and maintaining a separate facility, since classes are conducted at neighborhood schools, parks, and community centers. Following our Business System, you will be positioned to deliver the positive experiences that Kidokinetics is known for.


Do You Like Kids, Sports, and Fitness?

Kidokinetics is the result of research, experience, and a passion for developing children to their fullest potential. Kidokinetics has emerged as an outstanding resource for focused, high-quality children’s sports and fitness programs. With the ever-increasing need for such programs and corresponding growth in the children’s fitness industry, there’s never been a better time to become a Franchise Owner.

We are looking for people with the following qualifications:

Dedication to health and wellness

Dynamic and professional character

Outgoing and fun personality

A good business mind

Strong sales and customer service skills

A love of working with children and a desire to make a difference in their lives

Ability to maintain a good rapport with parents, teachers, and directors

Maturity, stability, and high personal standards




Invest In Yourself with Our Low-Cost, Home-Based Franchise Business:

Total Initial Investment:

$42,900 to $57,000

Franchise Fee:



7% of gross sales

Local Advertising & Marketing Fund Contribution:

2% of gross sales

Initial Inventory Expense:

$1,500 to $4,000 towards sport equipment is included in your initial investment

Contact Us.

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TOLL FREE: 1.866.Kidokinetics

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