We are proud partners of GoGo Squeez!

Kidokinetics and GoGo squeeZ have partnered to promote active, healthy lifestyles for kids and families. 

Kidokinetics Franchise

our official go-to fruit snack

GoGo squeeZ is the leading squeezable snack pouch made from 100 percent fruit, so of course we’re excited to make this the official go-to snack for our little athletes! What does all this mean? As the ultimate and best fruit snack for the kids of Kidokinetics, GoGo squeeZ will distribute fruit pouches to program participants to support healthy nutrition.

Why GoGo squeeZ? Well, the ingredients are simple. These fruit snacks contain top quality, fresh ingredients with no artificial anything. Inside every GoGo squeeZ pouch is a real blend of 100 percent healthy, yummy, non-questionable good stuff. At Kidokinetics, kids need healthy nutrition in combination with healthy activity.