Making Sports And Physical Education Accessible, Welcoming, And Fun!

Kidokinetics is an all-around sports fitness program for kids of all ages, offering local classes and camps in your neighborhood. Join a group and bring the fun to you!

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KidoKinetics | Children's Play Franchise

Mobile, Small, & Outdoors

KidoKinetics | Children's Play Franchise

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KidoKinetics | Children's Play Franchise

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Every Kid Deserves A Sporting Chance!

We help children develop coordination, self-confidence, teamwork, and, perhaps most important of all, a lifelong love of physical fitness in a fun and non-competitive environment.

Kido Local Brings the Fun to Your Neighborhood!

Social distancing has been challenging for both kids and parents alike, but Kidokinetics is dedicated to providing fun sports programs to the community in the safest way possible with small groups, classes, and camps that can come to wherever you are!

KidoKinetics Children's Play Franchise

Creating Your Own Kido Local Group is Super Easy!

We’ve always come to your location, but now we’ve adapted our programs so that you can bring our programs right to your neighborhood or backyard! Coaches continue to practice local safety guidelines at each class or camp by holding classes outdoors, washing hands, and thoroughly sanitizing equipment after each session.

A Positive And Essential Resource for Schools

The school system has had many challenges to overcome through this time, especially with physical education. We may not be able to visit your facility during this crisis, but Kido Local can still bring the fun to any open space or outdoor location. We’re dedicated to supporting our local schools and community centers, and we’re open to bringing a Kido Local program to you in whatever way makes the most sense for your organization—even if that means a virtual session!

KidoKinetics Children's Play Franchise


KidoKinetics Testimonials

“Both of my boys are excited each week when they know it’s Kidokinetics day! Highly recommended.”

KidoKinetics Testimonials

“My child absolutely loves Kidokinetics!! He enjoys learning different sports each week!”

KidoKinetics Testimonials

“My daughters loved attending Kidokinetics! They had a great time and were always excited to go.”

How Do You Sign Up for Kido Local in Your Area?

Pick a location for your session—even your backyard can work!

Fill out our interest form on the Kidokinetics location page closest to you.

A Kidokinetics team member will call you to finish booking.

Invite your friends and have some fun!

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