Kidokinetics Is A Fun Way to Fitness in Tampa, Florida!

Kidokinetics is an all-around sports fitness program for children ages eighteen months and up. Find kids fitness programs to join in Tampa, Florida!

About Kido Tampa:

Kidokinetics has engaged children with our fun, high-energy sports and fitness classes since 1995, introducing physical education to boys and girls of all ages. We are a premier sports, fitness, health, and recreation program provider that comes to your preschool, elementary school, local park, community center, or at your home/neighborhood. We bring our elite physical education program, along with all the sports equipment needed, to you!


Tampa, Florida

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Clinics & Day Camps


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Babies & Toddlers

Fitness and sports programs that keep babies and toddlers active.


Fitness and sports programs for preschoolers that teach teamwork.

Elementary Age

Fitness and sports programs for school-aged children.

Day Camps

We offer exciting camp options for children aged 3 – 12. 

Sports Clinics

Sports clinics combine games, drills, activities, and exercises.

Birthdays & Events

Register for fun activities that entertain your guests of all ages.

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