Nothing Can Stop Me!

Preschoolers, 3-5 years old

Is your child destined to be an athlete? We say yes. We believe that an athlete is simply someone who joyfully and confidently participates in regular exercise and understands the importance of fitness.

Kidokinetics inspires kids to get up, get moving, and get in shape as we set the tone for a lifetime of physical fitness.

In our unique mobile program (we bring Kidokinetics to schools, parks, and community centers), your preschooler will learn about the human body (anatomy, physiology, and nutrition), move and exercise, and have fun in a non-competitive, safe, and encouraging environment.

Activities Include:

Badminton, Balloons/Bubbles, Basketball, Bean Bags, Bouncing, Bowling, Football, Frisbee, Golf, Hockey, Hula Hoops, Hurdles, Jai Lai/Scoops, Jump Rope, Kickball, Lacrosse, NoodleKinetics, Nutrition, Obstacle Course, Parachute Games, Push-ups, Relays, Running, Scooters, Sit-ups, Soccer, Socci, Stretching, Tee-ball, Tennis, Throw & Catch, Track & Field, Volleyball, Warm-ups, Yoga