I Can Do It!

Children 5-12 Years Old

We developed Sportkinetics with the understanding that children’s confidence levels rise and fall throughout their elementary school years. This unique program provides your child with the gifts of security, encouragement, and a “yes, I can” attitude—invaluable tools for his or her physical and emotional well-being.

Regardless of a child’s level or ability, this program introduces basic concepts of many sports in a safe, nurturing, non-competitive environment, and ensures that every child learns values (sportsmanship, cooperation, kindness, respect) and feels like a winner.

Experienced Coaches help inspire children with activities like:

Badminton, Balloons/Bubbles, Basketball, Bean Bags, Bouncing, Bowling, Football, Frisbee Golf, Hockey, Hula Hoops, Hurdles, Jai Lai/Scoops, Jump Rope, Kickball, Lacrosse, NoodleKinetics, Nutrition, Obstacle Course, Parachute Games, Push-ups, Relays, Running, Scooters, Sit-ups, Soccer, Socci, Stretching, Tee-ball, Tennis, Throw & Catch, Track & Field, Volleyball, Warm-ups, Yoga