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Looking For Convenient Sports Enrichment Programs for Your Child?

Finding the right sports enrichment classes for your child shouldn’t be a hassle. At Kidokinetics of West Atlanta, we believe in the power of kids fitness to foster your child’s growth and development. Our carefully designed pe programs offer numerous benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. Let’s explore how Kidokinetics of West Atlanta sports enrichment programs can empower your child’s growth.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta: Bringing Fun and Active Sports Enrichment Camps for kids Near You

Beyond its bustling urban vibe, West Atlanta harbors a deep commitment to its youth. Kidokinetics stands as a testament to this, offering children aged 1-10 an opportunity to embrace sports enrichment, weaving fitness and collaboration into their growth.

In the dynamic and evolving landscape of West Atlanta, kinetics is pivotal for shaping its vibrant youth. Beyond traditional sports, it’s a commitment to nurture physically active, health-driven, and community-minded individuals. Through kinetic experiences, children mirror West Atlanta’s ethos of creativity, resilience, and community spirit.


Kidokinetics of West Atlanta empowers kids from ages 1 to 10 to play confident by providing a fun introduction to sports through 8 different PE programs and camps for kids offered at local early childhood centers, schools, and parks. Each class & camp has what we call the F.U.N Factor – meaning it’s Fundamental, Understandable, & Noncompetitive. We offer sports classes and activities for kids during school, after-school, and during school breaks.  

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Sports Play

About SportsPlay

A fun introduction to sports designed to help kids get moving and build confidence! Each week features a warm up, an introduction to a new sport or activity, free play, cool down, and an age-appropriate anatomy and physiology lesson.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Flag Fun

About Flag Fun

Watch your kids set a new standard with sprints, hand-eye coordination, and teamwork using classics like flag football, and capture the flag, as well as high-energy games like flag tag, parachute, and steal the tails. Kids of all ages have a blast playing Flag Fun with their friends!

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Hoops, Scoops, and Shots

About Hoops, Scoops, & Shots

A combination of  four popular sports to create a fun learning experience with: basketball, lacrosse, jai alai, and hockey to learn agility, accuracy, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination, and speed.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Ninja Play

About Ninja Play

During Ninja Play, kids develop skills around stability, agility, balance, jump distance, and more. Every class is designed for optimal skill development, and of course, optimal FUN! Each week features a warm up, sport-specific skills and drills, free play, cool down, and an age-appropriate anatomy and physiology lesson.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Noodle Play

About Noodle Play

Noodle Play is oodles and noodles of FUN! A combination of sports, games, and activities using noodles designed to help kids with their motor skills, balance, strength, and hand-eye coordination.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Nothing But Nets

About Nothing But Nets

A combination of volleyball, tennis, badminton, and pickleball creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is everything but ordinary. We’ll focus on hand-eye coordination, cardiovascular endurance, and of course, the introduction to techniques required to play all four of these incredible sports!

Kidokinetics Sports Enrichment Program Target Time

About Target Time

A combination of bowling, golf, and disc golf that’s sure to hit the target. We have combined these sports to emphasize foundational skills necessary to increase hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta Sports Enrichment Program Run The Bases

About Run The Bases

There is no better feeling than running across home plate. We will learn the basics of what it means to run bases while we rotate between kickball, T-ball, and cricket. Kids will learn basic skills for each of these sports as well as work on their cardiovascular endurance and teamwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which age groups does Kidokinetics of West Atlanta provide kids fitness classes?

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta offers kids fitness for toddlers, kids fitness for preschoolers, kids fitness programs for five-year-olds, kids fitness programs for six-year-olds, kids fitness programs for seven-year-olds, and kids sports and fitness programs for elementary and middle school-aged kids up to 12.

What areas does Kidokinetics of West Atlanta serve?

Kidokinetics of West Atlanta provides kids fitness classes and sports programs in:

Fulton County

West Atlanta

Cobb County


West Marietta




Powder Springs


Douglas County


Lithia Springs

How much do kids fitness classes cost at Kidokinetics of West Atlanta?

Prices for our sports enrichment programs vary from school to school. Please click Find a Class to find pricing for the sports program near you.

Does Kidokinetics of West Atlanta offer After School Programs?

Yes, Kidokinetics of West Atlanta offers after-school programs for elementary schools, private schools, Preschools, Montessori Schools, and Atlanta Parks and Rec Centers.  If we are not yet at your school, contact us with your school administrators contact information and we’ll handle the rest. 


Don’t miss out on the exciting and beneficial sports programs near you. Enroll your child in a Kidokinetics of West Atlanta sports program today and witness their joy as they participate in activities that promote physical fitness, skill development, and overall well-being.




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