Every kid deserves a sporting chance

Kidokinetics has a simple, yet powerful mission. We want to transform children's lives by making sports and fitness accessible, welcoming, and fun.

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Kidokinetics is a fun way to fitness. Join our movement.

Kidokinetics was founded by competitor, teacher and trainer Terri Braun in 1995. She has been actively involved in sports throughout her entire life and has competed nationally and internationally in traditional Shotokan Karate. She has taught and trained in karate for more than twenty years, and has also worked as a sports teacher at early childhood centers before starting her children’s fitness franchise..

Kidokinetics helps each child reach his or her individual goals, whether that means being able to keep up with their peers or going for the Olympic gold some day!


Bring Kidokinetics to your organization.

In addition to helping children achieve, we can help you strengthen your organization and community. Schools, community centers, religious organizations, parks, and more, hire Kidokinetics to add physical education to their offerings or to supplement an existing kids program. We bring the equipment, the teachers, and the fun to you! Kids of any age, from babies to pre-teens, stay active and can participate in games, activities, and sports for an hour or a whole afternoon. Best of all, we can bring our programs to you during the school day, after school, or during weekend events. Just tell us what you need, and we’ll get moving on it.

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